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Driveway Contractors  Serving Southeast Michigan, New Concrete Driveway Installations,  Our Services Include New Cement Driveway installations and Complete Driveway Replacements. We offer all concrete types, Potoroka Concrete is a long standing, top rated local Driveway Concrete Contractor Serving our local neighborhoods for over 25 years.  We are Listed  "Most Hired Contractor"  in Macomb and Oakland.  Get your free Driveway estimate call us or submit the online request.  We are competitively priced and install only premium concrete Mixes, all reinforced for added durability all installed by our skilled concrete crews. We are fully licensed and insured, We handle and Obtain all Required Permits and Inspections.

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Driveway replacements deliver immediate curb appeal to your home and investment.  A driveway that is well past its service time can be more than just unsightly, they can also be a source for trip hazards and water issues.  A driveway replacement by Potoroka Concrete is a sound investment for your property, We use premium materials from our concrete mix to our reinforcements and sub base. As Master skilled concrete mason's we guarantee our new driveway installations.


Your Driveway and front entrance are your homes first impression.

Exceptional Quality by A leading trusted name in concrete

Potoroka Concrete 

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New Driveway


A New Driveway is always a wise investment for your home,  a new driveway adds immediate enhanced Curb Appeal, Increased Functionality and Additional space and Parking.  

Today the installation of a new concrete driveway comes with many choices for homeowners to take advantage of.  From the timeless standard of light broom finished concrete to a wide variety of decorative accents and material options in concrete.  In fact the driveway is not just an area to get you to your garage or a place to park anymore, its part of the homes exterior decor.  Potoroka Concrete offers many available options for your new or replacement driveway.  Our skilled master concrete masons guarantee no matter what option you decide on, your new driveway will add to your property in appearance and value.

How your new driveway performs long term along with its visual appeal is solely dependent on the skill, quality and workmanship that goes into its construction,  Potoroka Concrete has been installing residential driveway's in our community for over 25 years with the highest standards in materials, Premium Concrete Mixes,  We have a large portfolio and years of verifiable past clients testimonials.  If you'd like to view our work up close and personal, we guarantee we have a project close to you to do so.  We offer everything from Light Broom finished and Exposed Aggregate to Custom Aggregate mixes and accents. No matter what your vision, goals and budget we guarantee your finished driveway will meet or exceed your expectations.  Let us give you a free estimate, call us directly or fill out the contact form to schedule yours.

Be sure to visit our photo gallery to view our driveway installations

Photo of New Driveway Potoroka Concrete
Photo driveway replacement before and after Potoroka Concrete


Are you ready for a Driveway Replacement?  Is your current Driveway looking like this one did? If it's time for you to replace your driveway, join our list of happy customers and schedule your driveway replacement with Potoroka Concrete.  We can remove the existing driveway and replace with a new premium quality driveway in as little as 1 day.  Our crews are highly experienced in removal and replacement, it's a large part of our services.  We are skilled in clean and safe removals, fully insured and a licensed trade.  Our clients often  comment on how little was disrupted during our installation process.  Your new driveway will be completed with the highest standard workmanship, sound subgrade, added reinforcements for durability, premium concrete mixes and finished by our highly experienced concrete masons.  A driveway replacement with Potoroka Concrete is a sound investment and delivers the immediate enhanced curb appeal you want for your home.   


The Benefits of a

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is always a winning exterior surface.  As a driveway surface it's the leader among it's competitors and offers not only longevity and durability, its low maintenance requirements make it a top choice for today's homeowners.  The benefits of a concrete driveway make it the most used material for residential driveways today.  It's many custom options and decorative materials make it a leader today for exterior design element enhancement.


Durability - Concrete is considered the premium driveway material in home construction. The material mix can be easily altered to handle extreme weights and extreme climate changes. Compared to Asphalt which is a lower up front cost Concrete will outlast Asphalt on average 50-60% longer eliminating any savings.. When properly installed and designed, Concrete will out lasts and out perform it's competitors.


Curb appeal is one of the leading reasons concrete is the winning choice in residential construction today, from a crisp clean standard limestone surface to the many decorative options and aggregates in concrete today, the driveway is becoming a focal point of the homes design elements.   


Low to no maintenance is what today's homeowners want in construction materials.  Concrete is basically a set it and forget it surface in standard limestone or decorative exposed aggregate finishes.  Requiring little more than a power wash when it starts looking dirty or a quick seal coat when you want a fresh look.  Concrete is a low maintenance option that delivers long utility. 




Resale and return on investment make concrete the leader again and separate it from it's competitors.  Real estate agents will tell you the first impression of your home is the driveway and front entrance.  A well installed concrete driveway says alot to perspective buyers. It's a big improvement/upgrade over an asphalt driveway and in many cases a return of it's original investment costs.

Tempich Potoroka Concrete Heated Drivewa

Decorative Driveway Installation & Options

Exposed Aggregate "Top Driveway Surface" In Residential Home Improvement

As the Most Hired Contractors In SE Michigan of Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Potoroka Concrete's skill and experience in this decorative surface guarantees every project we install exceeds our clients expectations.

Potoroka Concrete 2017 Exposed aggregate

New Driveways Before and After Photos See Driveway Replacements, New Driveway Installations

View our driveway installation process here, see the steps of a driveway replacement and the before and after photos of the driveway projects and the curb appeal they deliver.


Before and After Photos


Potoroka Concrete is ready to help out with your new driveway needs. We’re at the forefront of our industry, always providing a wide range of professional concrete services to our clients. We guarantee reliability and quality with our work, so feel free to check out some of our latest driveway projects and see what we can do for you too.

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