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Pool Decks, Potoroka Concrete is a highly specialized Concrete Contractor in Concrete decks for built in swimming pools in SE Michigan. We have the reputation of Experts in this area, We offer All Types of concrete Options for our customers to chose from. New Installation and full replacements



Pool Decks Potoroka Concrete
Potoroka Concrete pool decks
Potoroka Concrete Exposed Aggregate Pool
Aggregate Pool Deck Potoroka
Altevena Pool by Potoroka Concrete Concr
Potoroka Concrete Pool Deck Mi
Liner Pool Concrete Renovation Potoroka
Garton Pool Potoroka Concrete Decor
Liner Pool Concrete By Potoroka Concrete
Gaan Pool Concrete By Potoroka Concrete
Potoroka Confeatured on abc extreme
Potoroka ConcreteIMG_6816
Pool deck by Potoroka Concrete Decor Win


The finished concrete pool decking surface is the icing on your in-ground swimming pool project.  As highly specialized and skilled professionals in pool decking we know our job is to add space that does more than provide a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing, our many years of experience in this area ensures we are creating and delivering pool decks that complement the exterior of your home, meld with the outdoor environment and extend and enhance your exterior living space and gathering areas.  With a wide array of options for our clients to choose from in concrete surfaces our highly skilled crew ensures your finished success and elevates your space.  We offer many options in decorative aggregate mixes, textures, colors and design accents to enhance your pool decking and take it to a custom upscale space.  We offer a large variety of upgrade options on copings, in-deck lighting and water features, steps and retaining. 

Our vast knowledge and experience in pool deck installations guarantees your swimming pools final appearance exceeds expectations. No matter what type swimming pool construction you have, Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner,  Potoroka Concrete installs decking for them all.  We are highly skilled with the various pools construction materials and pool types, we know the decking specifications and requirements for each construction type.  As the leading pool decking professionals in Michigan you can trust your decking will be installed for longevity and a successful enhancement to your new space.  We encourage you to view our swimming pool decking portfolio to view our work, we have installed 1000's of pool decks throughout SE Michigan since 1997.  Don't trust just any contractor with your swimming pool investment, pool decking requires an enhanced skill set that is unlike standard concrete installations,  hire an experienced pool deck contractor and protect your investment.  We are fully licensed and offer free estimates, call us to schedule yours or contact us below.  

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