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Shoveling, Plowing and Endless Deicing are a thing of the past with our Heated Driveway Installations even in the Harshest Snow Storms and Extreme Cold Temperatures.  Our Radiant Heat systems can be installed for full coverage which will keep the entire driveway clear of snow and ice or we can specifically target problem areas with a tire track design or smaller designated area design.  Read more on Heated Driveways and see why they are becoming such a popular  option for our homeowners.

Heated Driveways, why all the Hype?

Radiant heat is quickly becoming the heating and snow melting solution of choice.  Electric snow melting systems are versatile and can be installed to heat driveways, sidewalks, ramps, steps, front entrances, roofs, floors, and more.  Electric driveway heating systems are more easily customized and require no extra space or mechanical room. They are also a favorite among professional builders because of their durability, ability to be easily configured for any layout and application and they require no additional space for the mechanical components that Hydronics require.  In addition a premium quality Radiant Heat Cable and Mat System comes with a lengthy warranty to preform and Last.  Homeowners and business owners are turning to the option of never worrying about snow and ice removal again.  When you factor in the amount of time and money involved in snow removal and Ice Melters year after year and the safety issues a heated driveway or exterior surface eliminates you can see why homeowners are opting for radiant heat in their driveways and home builders are listing it as an option during construction now.  What started as an added safety net it provides in high traffic public areas where slip and falls are a major concern has turned into "Today's Hottest must have in residential home building and home improvement"  

What are Heated Driveways?

Heated driveways use radiant heat to warm concrete, asphalt, pavers, and various mediums to keep areas completely clear of ice and snow. There are two types of driveway heating systems used today in Exterior Surface and snow melting: electric and hydronic.  Both technologies use  heating elements  installed into the paving medium (either electric heat resistance cable or tubing).


Radiant Floor Heat is extremely popular , most are familiar with it in interior home construction.  It is commonly used and installed under Wood floors and Tile  floors To keep the floor surface and rooms warm in areas such as the bathrooms and Family Rooms.  A Radiant Heated Driveway is the same concept, The cables and Mats used are just constructed differently and manufactured to handle the exterior installation and extreme conditions.  

Radiant Heated Driveway

Pro's and Con's 

The Benefits of a Heated Driveway and other Exterior Surface

The first and most obvious benefit of a heated driveway is eliminating the efforts and costs associated with snow removal, no more shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing.  With a heated driveway this becomes a thing of the past your driveway will be clear all season long.  Let it snow, let it snow!  

Next, no more deicing agents, your heated driveway will remain free of ice build up, we all know when we shovel or plow a non-heated driveway there is always a light surface layer that remains no matter how good we clear .  The remaining light residue coating tends to turn into a compacted slick icy layer which requires the addition of a melting agent, salt products are damaging to pavement surfaces and deicers are costly.  In addition they can be a health hazard to pets and kids.  Both Salt and Deicing agents are damaging to the surrounding grass and vegetation if they come in contact. With a heated driveway, deicing is no longer required.

Eliminate Slip and Fall injury, Your new heated driveway will be clear to the surface with no remaining build up.  Slip and fall injuries are a major risk during the snow and ice seasons here in Michigan.  A Heated driveway removes the liability and protects your family, friends and visitors for slip and fall injuries.

Our Radiant Heated driveway snow and ice melt systems are maintenance free. Once installed properly by our highly trained and skilled team there is nothing you need to do other than enjoy it's benefits and performance  year after year.  We offer completely automated systems with exterior sensors that will automatically detect the snow and ice and start working immediately, you can also opt for a manual system and control  it yourself.  Either way you'll start enjoying the beautiful snow fall rather than dread the removal and work they previously dictated for you. Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The Drawbacks or Con's


Installation Expense,  depending on the options chosen for the new system the initial costs can be significant.  Many things have changed in this area that are making it a much more popular and attractive addition cost wise,  they include:  installation during home building process, installation when a new driveway is being installed, its flexibility to install  in target areas, and the ability to retrofit the systems into existing pavement.  See our area on Radiant Heat driveway costs. New techniques and systems designed for residential installations today are bringing these costs in line for many homeowners to enjoy the benefits  a heated driveway delivers.  Its not just for Luxury home construction today, heated driveways  can be the answer for homeowners that have difficult access, steep incline driveways or elevation issues that allow ice build up.

Next, All exterior systems are not created equal.  With its popularity gaining rapidly in residential construction, many new cables and mats are popping up in the market.  Using only a cable That is tried and tested with years of  performance proof is critical when installing a system encased in a surface medium. Unfortunately, like everything when something is getting recognition manufacturers jump on the production wagon to get a piece of the pie.  Using an industrial coated cable and or mat  that has been designed for such encasement and can be used in any pavement medium is critical to ensure the performance and longevity of your investment.   This drawback is easily removed from the equation by hiring a skilled experienced installer with a premium Snow Melt System, in this case it is wise to evaluate cost differences between systems and know why they differ.  

Radiant Heated Driveways, Your Common questions answered

What does it cost to install a heated driveway

The most common question we get are on costs associated with a radiant heated driveway. The answers vary, we can build systems to accommodate most budgets and costs will be dependent on surface area and if we are installing a new paving surface such as concrete or asphalt.  A standard system cost averages $15-$19 installed.  That is for system and system installation ready for pavement medium.  This is based on electrical amperage being available on your current homes power source 

How a Heated Driveway Works

Our systems consist of three main components: the heating element, activation device, and contactor panel. Most common applications are in concrete driveways but they can also be added in Paver driveways and asphalt paving. The heating elements are a coated,electric resistance cable Located in the slab at a specified depth from the surface, Activation is either manual switch or exterior sensor with automatically detects the snowfall and triggers the master control to start the system, The cables heat during this time and warm to melt the snow, the sensor will then detect when the snow has stopped and trigger the system to shut off, the system will remain on for a bit of time after to dry the surface to prevent ice. 

How much do they cost to operate

The average costs for a 700-800 sq ft driveway on a single zone system averages between $3-$4 per hour for electrical costs.  Many of our clients are surprised by how cost effective the system use is, our systems are designed to run cost effectively. Most snow storms here in Michigan do not last full days or even for extended hours so the systems run just long enough to clear the snow coming down or can be manually turned on and run at your specified terms.  Of course electric rates vary and change from the provider so these costs can differ from year to year.

Radiant Heat/Snow Melt Systems in Exterior Paving Driveways, Walks and Front Entrances

Heated Driveway Photos

Never Shovel Again, The gift that keeps on Giving Year after Year.  Prevent snow and ice buildup from creating hazards on driveways and other surfaces by installing a heated driveway or other heated surface. With options for asphalt, pavers, and concrete, Potoroka Concrete can keep your driveway, stairs, sidewalks, entrances and more clear of snow and ice. Additionally, our snow melting cables can be retrofit into existing driveway surfaces. Our exterior Snow Melt cables are the toughest construction available for residential.  Our skilled installers can do the entire project complete with new driveway surface or install the snow melt system on its own for your concrete or asphalt installer.  Our systems can run automatically by sensors or can be controlled manually by areas.  View our photos to see the installation process. Call us for a free estimate. 

Potoroka Concrete, Below see our Installation of Hott Wire Snow Melt System in Concrete, Client choice was a Decorative Exposed Aggregate concrete for the surface finish of the Heated areas of the driveway and walkways

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