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Gunite Swimming Pool Renovations

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Replacing a pool deck is actually a very easy process, our crews will start by removing the existing decking surface and hauling away all the spoils.  Once the decking is removed the pool is open for any other repairs or services scheduled such as electrical, plumbing lines, equipment, coping & tile and new surface finish.  If the renovation is decking only the new deck installation process starts immediately following the removal.


Choosing your pool decking is very important to the customization of your pool because it has a large impact on the look of your outdoor space.

Different materials such as concrete, pavers, and porcelain can enhance and change your current pool design. Each material also has different benefits when it comes to safety, maintenance and price.

It’s important to keep a number of considerations in mind when you’re deciding on pool decking for your inground pool project.  Along with Visual Impact Cost, Maintenance, Safety and Comfort play a role when deciding on a pool deck surface.  

Take a look at some of the most popular pool decking materials available with its own specific benefits.

Concrete - Once again a leading contender in the Midwest for its durability and maintenance free elements.  Today's concrete surfaces are taken to whole new level in visual impact.  With so many natural additives Exposed Aggregate concrete finishes have become a hot favorite in pool decking. Versatile, upscale, virtually maintenance free, Exposed Aggregate enhances and adds to the beauty of any outdoor pool scape.

Natural Stone - Also a top contender in pool decking options. Travertine is a leader in the Natural Stone decking choices today,  Travertine comes in a variety of finishes, and it has a perfect balance of natural variation within a coordinated range of colors and offers a natural anti-skin property,

Pavers and manufactured Stone - Pavers are still used in swimming pool decking today although they are becoming less popular due to the required maintenance here in our extreme climate changes.  Pavers will require maintenance over time due to the various rates of settling from the climate changes here in the midwest.  Pavers do offer a wide range or design choices and colors and most provide a natural anti-slip surface 


When it comes to pools, appearance matters. Some people love the look of bright blue waters others like the mystery of a seemingly black watered pool. How do we achieve and deliver your desired effect? We change the surface color of your pool.


We offer a wide array of interior pool finishes to create the desired effects our clients are after the following are the popular choices we offer

Quartz - Definitely a Leader in Pool finishes and with good reason.   Quartz has a silky smooth feel and has a glittering appearance when it contains an additive to refract and reflect light. Swimmers love the Quartz finishes because its  silky smooth and it is kinder to feet and bathing suits. It also makes the pool very simple to clean. Quarts is available in a variety of colors and hues.

Pebble - The pebble finish is great if you are looking for something more on the natural side. Pebble works well surrounded by greenery and natural landscapes. Pebble is durable, stain and chemical resistant.  Pebble is available again in a variety of color options.

Glass Beading - Glass beads can provide an extraordinary finished look for your pool. A somewhat recent addition to the interior pool options here. They are seamless and come in a wide variety of colors. They are extremely durable and give brilliant light.

Plaster- the most economical interior for your pool.  Less expensive, it does require more maintenance. White is the most popular color for plaster interiors because it reflects the sky above and can create different moods in your pool water depending on the weather.  Exposure to the elements and pool chemicals may cause discoloration. It could potentially need to be repainted or re-plastered periodically.

AquaBright™ - a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings. It is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching. It cures in seconds and is extremely durable. aquaBright is very eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the use of chemicals to balance pH. In addition the color choices are many and not upcharged.  aquaBright is designed to last. aquaBright is the wave of the future when seeking a plaster or paint alternative.




The pool coping is an essential element in the finished design to your pool.  We offer a nice variety to fit any budget and design, in fact over 80% of clients find their coping and tile in our standard lists, it's that extensive in choices, without the need to upgrade. Coping choice is determined by the design your after on completion we offer


Poured Concrete Cantilever Coping - Innovated Contemporary coping which allows the decking to continue to water edge, this options delivers a seamless clean upscale look.

Natural Coping Stones - Limestone, Travertine, BlueStone. Coping stones come in a wide variety of sizes and width and styles.  The color choices are also many. Coping stones are set at the pools edge and the pool decking then is poured or installed up to the coping stone.  We have many samples to chose from or can custom order one exclusively for your renovation plans. 


Pool Tile 

The choices in pool tile both Glass and ceramic are virtually endless.  Pool tile comes in many different shapes and sizes, plain and designed. They can be used alone or in combination with each other to create stunning interior pool art.  Our standard selection is so diverse and plentiful that the majority of our customers can easily pick a tile they love for their new pool design without upgrades or special orders.  

Coping and Tile

No better time than during a deck renovation to update the hidden elements of your pool, plumbing and equipment, new LED lighting to new water features.

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