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The Costs Of a heated driveway

The costs associated with a heated driveway including initial installation and future operating and electric usage costs

Potoroka Concrete Installation of Heated

What does it cost to install a heated driveway

The most common question we get are on costs associated with a radiant heated driveway. The answers vary, we can build systems to accommodate most budgets and costs will be dependent on surface area and if we are installing a new paving surface such as concrete or asphalt.  A standard system cost averages $15-$19 installed.  That is for system and system installation ready for pavement medium.  This is based on electrical amperage being available on your current homes power source 

Heated Driveway Photo Potorok Concrete

How a Heated Driveway Works

Our systems consist of three main components: the heating element, activation device, and contactor panel. Most common applications are in concrete driveways but they can also be added in Paver driveways and asphalt paving. The heating elements are a coated,electric resistance cable Located in the slab at a specified depth from the surface, Activation is either manual switch or exterior sensor with automatically detects the snowfall and triggers the master control to start the system, The cables heat during this time and warm to melt the snow, the sensor will then detect when the snow has stopped and trigger the system to shut off, the system will remain on for a bit of time after to dry the surface to prevent ice. 

Potoroka Concrete Heated Driveways Photo

How much do they cost to operate

The average costs for a 700-800 sq ft driveway on a single zone system averages between $3-$4 per hour for electrical costs.  Many of our clients are surprised by how cost effective the system use is, our systems are designed to run cost effectively. Most snow storms here in Michigan do not last full days or even for extended hours so the systems run just long enough to clear the snow coming down or can be manually turned on and run at your specified terms.  Of course electric rates vary and change from the provider so these costs can differ from year to year.

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